Daniel Vadnal

Bodyweight and Gymnastics strength training. Mobility, Flexibility and Pre/Rehabilitation. Currently based in Sydney, Australia.

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About Daniel

Hi my name is Daniel and as you have gathered I am passionate about physical training and am always pursuing excellence in my discipline. Building strength via bodyweight training provides an unparalleled experience and is a constant challenge when seeking control over one's body, meaning the journey is highly rewarding.

The complexity of this style of training and the discipline required to become proficient caught my interest immediately.

It's possible to make some advances via linear progression, but progress will soon halt, a discovery I made early. I am constantly developing my understanding of human anatomy, programming and variable manipulation to produce results in the training of myself and my students.

I attribute progression via learning, researching and applying concepts through consistent hard work.


Bachelor of Exercise Science at Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia. Completed December 2013.

Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. Due to complete December 2015.

About FitnessFAQs

Established in 2010, the channel provides workouts and tutorials related to bodyweight and gymnastics strength training. The goal is to educate the public that strength and muscular hypertrophy are producible using one's body with minimal equipment. The YouTube page is also used to document my training progress, serving as a reminder to what is possible via this training method.

Training History

  • Parkour 2006-2008.
  • Began handbalancing in 2008.
  • Began bodyweight training in 2009.
  • Implemented weighted lower body exercises in 2012.

Online Training Service

  • 12 weeks of online coaching.
  • Variable and exercise manipulation when necessary.
  • Access to private video demonstrations outlining exercise form.
  • Access to mobility and warmup sequences which are personally prescribed.
  • Ability to discuss and work closely with Daniel via email over the 12 week period.

Personal Training Service

  • Currently offering Sydney-based training. Contact Daniel for more details.


"Daniel's programming was intelligent and allowed for continual progress." - Parth Rajguru

"Immediately I fell in love with Calisthenics and consulted Daniel who gave me simple tips which were really effective and improved my performance. Of course the workouts Daniel creates are extremely intense and require hard work and dedication but it's worth it. I want to thank you Daniel for all your support [and] for all your motivation that you've provided to transform my body." - Milad

"I've never seen strength gains like this with any other bodyweight exercise program I've done. If you're looking to get stronger without weights and little equipment, this is the most potent approach you're going to find."
- Jonathan Mead

"Thanks again for your help these past three months. It was great to have a custom built program with great transfer over to my other hobbies. Your emails with new programs were so detailed, which were much more detailed than other online coaches I have had. That was excellent and greatly appreciated. The programs were a lot of fun and I definitely made some solid progress. I wish you the best and it was great to have the chance to work with you. " - Nick, Boston, MA.

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